Fat Dogs - 10 breeds of lovable dog that can easily become obese - including the loving Pug


Pug with The Perfect Pet Nanny


The 10 breeds of loveable dogs that can easily become obese - including the loveable pug.  

Some dog breeds simply like eating a lot, so their owners must keep an eye out for excessive puppy weight gain.

Puppy demand increased as a result of the global epidemic and the ensuing string of lockdowns, which was one of the unintended consequences.

The UK Kennel Club's most recent registration figures, which showed an almost 40% increase from 250,649 in 2020 to 349,013 in 2021, demonstrate the intensity of this skyrocketing demand. There are 221 distinct breeds of purebred dogs to pick from, along with countless crossbreeds, so you'll need to consider carefully before choosing the newest member of your family.

Which breed of dog would suit us best depends greatly on our lifestyle. For example, if you have a tiny garden or outdoor space, you might want to consider a little dog, while an older pet owner should put a certain breed at the top of their wish list.

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Meanwhile, other dog breeds, such as those that are prone to gaining weight and developing health problems, have unique characteristics that make them require a little additional care.

The key to these dogs' enjoying long and healthy lives is rigorous portion management, making sure they can't steal food, and routine weigh-ins as well as regular exercise.

This is because these dogs just don't know when they are full.

These are the ten dog breeds that the American Kennel Club considers to be the most greedy.



Bulldog with the Perfect Pet Nanny

1. Bulldog 

When it comes to food and how they obtain it, bulldogs are pretty promiscuous, so it is a good idea to train them to eat at specific times and refrain from providing them with snacks. It's crucial to prevent Bulldogs from gaining weight since they frequently struggle to breathe, which can get much worse if they are overweight.


Golden Retriever with The Perfect Pet Nanny

2. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever isn't far behind the Bulldog in terms of brazenness when it comes to food theft. Since they would do anything for a treat, their greed may be useful while training, but otherwise, their food consumption needs to be tightly regulated. 


A Rottweiler with The Perfect Pet Nanny

Photo: Rottweiler LifeImage Rottweiler Life

3. Rottweiler 

Another dog that lacks the gene to alert its brain when it is full is the Rottweiler. This combined with a tendency to be indolent, results in a dog that appears to be built to be chubby. With this breed, it's essential to make sure they get a decent walk at least twice a day and that their meals are well planned.


Labrador retriever With The Perfect Pet Nanny

4. Labrador retriever

Labrador Retrievers are shameless food thieves and will consume food until they become unwell. It is not their fault if they become hungry again 30 seconds after supper since they truly have a gene that stops their brain from perceiving that they are full. It implies that lab owners must always keep an eye on their diet to prevent health issues.

Beagle with The Perfect Pet Nanny

5. Beagle

To help hunters find prey, the Beagle has been trained to have a keen sense of smell. These days, the major purpose of this smelling ability is to locate any food crumbs that can be consumed. If you have a Beagle, it is best to make sure your bins are securely fastened.

Pug with The Perfect Pet Nanny

Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

6. Pug

Another little dog that may put on weight alarmingly quickly is the pug. The best way to keep Pugs from being overweight is to make sure they exercise frequently


Dachshund with The Perfect Pet Nanny

Photo by:Depositphotos/dfartgroup

7. Dachshund

The Dachshund is an expert at begging for food and is another breed that has been developed to track out prey, both above and below ground. They require more activity than their stature would imply to maintain their health and slimness.

 Pembroke Welsh Corgi  with The Perfect Pet Nanny

8. Pembroke Welsh Corgi 

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a great dog for those with tiny houses, gardens, or outdoor spaces, but they should be aware that they will devour whatever they can get their hands on. It's advisable to limit the sweets as their small size and body shape make even a few additional pounds problematic.


King Charles Spaniel Cavalier The Perfect Pet Nanny

 9. King Charles Spaniel Cavalier

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel needs a lot of activity to burn off a huge meal since little canines don't burn calories as rapidly as large dogs. They have a tendency to consume their meals rapidly, so it's a good idea to get a puzzle bowl to make them eat dinner slowly and maintain their peak condition.


Basset Hound with The Perfect Pet Nanny

10. Basset Hound 

The Bassett Hound, king of the moochers, will look at you somberly until you share your food. However, it's crucial to avoid overfeeding them since excess weight can result in debilitating hip and back problems. To keep them occupied and their thoughts away from eating, make sure they have a wide variety of toys.

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